How or with what you can become a sponsor?

  • Studio
    You have a room in Cologne | Germany which You do not use and want to leave to me as a studio?
  • Tools
     Oil-, Acrylic- and other colors. Canvas. Brushes. Noodles. Pies in tins. Etc.
  • Finances
  • Ideas
    Wishful images, Inspirations, Portrait wishes, Thoughts

Become a sponsor!

  • as a sponsor a banner of your company will appear here on these pages


Be the first and not the last!

If you want to sponsor me then please send me an e-mail or send it to my address:

marc goymann | Wenkelsweg. 6 | D-53902 Bad Münstereifel (Germany)


Thankyou so much for your help!

marc goymann