The tasty dove


I was sitting at my "home" studio, one or two weeks ago, and was doing some painting and while looking out the window a swarm of doves doing their cirles over the roofs.

From right hand to left hand and over the roof on the opposite. Nothing special about that, especially they do it hundreds of time each day. But -  something was different. I had to look twice, then i saw it. In the middle of the doves  flew a hawk. Which intentions it had i can not say. Anyhowtwo or three of the doves tried to side step and to try this time a slightly different flight path then usually. Thereupon the hawk crashed into a window (which you can see in the photograph below) and flew, slightly irritated away. But that is not all of the story. A short period of time the the resident of the flat came on the balkony, looked left and right hand, seeing nothing and, visibly bewildered, turned back into her flat.
And just as i think of this today, the doves doing the circles today, but when i watched closer, again something was different. They were know flying from left to right hand, very unusually, and then i saw the reason why: aprox. 1 meter after a big black bird was following them. You can say what you want ... but is this not  astonishing?

marc, october 2012

Home Studio

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